Empower a Sustainable Supply Chain with TradeBeyond

Consumers and governments alike are holding companies to higher standards than ever before. Brands and retailers need to do more to ensure the products they offer are sourced and produced responsibly and sustainably.

Amid rapidly tightening global regulations, businesses need foolproof systems. One lapse could permanently tarnish a company’s reputation and its bottom line. Supply chain managers can no longer rely on spreadsheets and traditional records to manage critical social and environmental priorities.
Supply chains account for up to 90% of a company’s environmental impact
88% of consumers are more loyal to companies that support social or environmental initiatives.

Responsible Sourcing Starts with TradeBeyond

Retail’s leading multi-enterprise collaborative platform, TradeBeyond empowers businesses with complex supply chains to meet their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals by introducing transparency and creating quality checkpoints throughout the product development process. Our system monitors your suppliers and creates complete visibility into your entire supply chain while mitigating ESG risks, improving data quality and timeliness, and eliminating administrative work.

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