Shipment and logistics
tracking management

CBX Ship

Streamline the management of shipments and provide real-time shipment tracking.


Shipment Booking.

One-click booking of shipments with order information sent to your logistics providers.

Packing Automation.

Simple tool for suppliers to generate accurate packing lists and shipping labels.


Suppliers send accurate and carton-level shipment advice that support your EDI ASN requirements.

Shipment Tracking.

Real-time shipment tracking of your orders made available to everyone (not just your logistics team).

Alerts & Notifications.

Alerts are sent to you if a shipment is late or potentially late.


Integrated with your 3PLs and carriers for real-time shipment tracking.

Accurate shipping labels and EDI ASNs

Accurate shipping labels and EDI ASNs, integrate with 3PLs/carriers/freight forwarder
buyers/merchandisers easy/real-time visibility of shipments

Everyone, including buyers and merchandisers, has easy and real-time visibility of all shipments

Exception management with real-time alerts of shipment delays in your supply chain

real-time alerts of shipment delays
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