A Modular Platform Tailored
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TradeBeyond streamlines product development, allowing retailers and brands to accelerate new products to market and optimize design, sourcing, supplier management, order management, quality, and logistics, all while facilitating collaboration and supporting your ESG initiatives and sustainability goals.

TradeBeyond's Supply Chain Solutions

TradeBeyond‘s multi-enterprise platform consists of six modules, each of which can be used in conjunction with each other or as a stand-alone solution. Our systems are configured to scale along with the unique needs of each business and are compatible with the software you already use.

CBX Partner creates a central hub of all supplier information, helping merchandisers and compliance managers efficiently onboard and monitor suppliers. Our supplier management solution fosters collaboration while guaranteeing everyone in your organization has access to the most current vendor information. Traceability tools provide visibility into relationships between vendors, factories, and raw material providers, so you can map your supply chain to the Nth-tier.

CBX Create speeds and streamlines the design and development of private label and branded merchandise. Our product lifecycle management (PLM) platform enables design and development teams to work efficiently from planning and ideation to design and specification and seamlessly interfaces with design tools.

CBX Source offers a more efficient and responsible way to source by creating a central hub to communicate and collaborate with suppliers. Our system replaces spreadsheets and eliminates the hassle of manually chasing suppliers for quotes, while centralizing all communications involving each product. CBX Source facilitates sustainable procurement by integrating ESG information into the selection process.

CBX Order ensures that everybody is working from a single, reliable source of orders, allowing team members to collaboratively prepare, share and update orders. The platform eliminates multiple versions of spreadsheets and tracks order change history, while providing suppliers with the most up-to-date order information, allowing them to quickly propose changes.

Our quality module CBX Assure interfaces with retailers and vendors and third-party auditing, compliance and testing organizations, including SGS, TÜV and QIMA, creating a central repository of inspection reports and speeding up sample management and assessment processes.

CBX Ship connects with freight forwarders and shipping lines directly to automatically gather real-time updates on your purchase orders. All expected milestones can be seen, from the initial inspection and delivery booking to the final unpack and delivery.

Explore is TradeBeyond’s discovery network, a digital showroom where buyers and suppliers connect, collaborate, and grow their businesses. This intuitive platform simplifies range planning while allowing merchandisers to discover trending products and gain market intelligence from their supplier community.
Supplier retailer importer to replace excel Microsoft spreadsheet

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