Streamlined order and
production management

CBX Order

Streamline order creation and change management and enable easy tracking from production to delivery.


Order Creation.

Shared order creation for all members to collaboratively fill out order details prior to issuance to the supplier.

Order Collaboration.

Common portal for suppliers to access their orders electronically and communicate any issues.

Order Change Management.

A supplier clearly sees what has changed in an order, eliminating guesswork and back-and-forth emails.

Production Checking.

A common tool for everyone (including suppliers) to update progress and get visibility on each stage of production.

Responsible Sourcing.

Built-in rules warn merchandisers of potential
supplier compliance issues prior to order issuance.


Integrated with your organization’s retail ERP systems to remove duplicated data entries.

Simplified order creation, issuance, changes and confirmation.

Order Creation,Collaboration,Change Management, inspection,Sourcing alert. ERP integration and automation
Reduce manual work from excel/spreadsheets, Prevent orders issued to non-compliant suppliers

Dramatically reduce manual work in order processing.

Prevent orders issued to non-compliant suppliers.

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