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The New German Supply Chain Act: Challenge or Opportunity? 

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Enacted this year, the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) requires large companies operating in the country to establish preventative measures to excise child labor, poor working conditions, and environmental abuses from all levels of their supply chain. Companies in violation could be fined up to 2% of their annual revenues, but many businesses do not have the supplier management systems in place to ensure compliance.

In our latest webinar, “German Supply Chain Act: Challenge or Opportunity?” we walk through the practical impact of the LkSG. Karl Borgschulze, CEO at Consulting Service International Ltd. for Compliance and Sustainability, explains the main implications of the regulations, how to implement the best practices for supplier management, and how to manage the data necessary to adhere to the LkSG’s extensive requirements.

“You can comply with regulations simply to protect your brand, but you can also approach this as an opportunity to be a leader in your market segment for sustainable products and transparent processes across your entire supply chain”

A German-language version of this webinar is also available. 


  • How the German Supply Chain Act fits into global ESG trends
  • The LkSG’s impact on businesses across Germany and Europe
  • How to manage suppliers in accordance with the law
  • How TradeBeyond ensures compliance with the new regulation
  • Efficient navigation through the complex data requirements of the LkSG



André von Appen

Vice President Europe, TradeBeyond

André von Appen has over 25 years of experience supporting and consulting on digital transformation projects through innovative cloud technology solutions. André brings a well-established background in Information Technology and has delivered multiple complex implementations for multi-million dollar supply chain projects in the retail and IT industry.

Guest Speaker

Karl Borgschulze

CEO, Consulting Service International Ltd. for Compliance and Sustainability

Karl Borgschulze has been working in international sustainability management for over 30 years with a focus on building sustainability strategies and sustainability management systems, as well as optimizing value chains in Asian sourcing markets. With the Partnership for Compliance, he is now realizing an innovative concept to make the future of companies in the consumer goods industry more sustainable.
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