Retailers spend resources on being in legal compliance but this does not provide insurance against the business risk of selling products containing hazardous chemicals, because most hazardous chemicals are unregulated. Toxic chemicals in products and supply chains are hidden liabilities, posing potentially significant regulatory and reputational risks to brands. Consumer demands for transparency of chemical ingredients in products continue to grow and are reflected in growing regulatory requirements around chemical transparency.

TUV Rheinland Hong Kong, the international leading testing and certification service provider together with CBX, global sourcing and quality software will share the latest trend on chemical compliance and to digital tools on minimize regulatory and reputational risks.

The outline of the topic:
• Overview of the changing pattern on chemical compliance
• Health hazards to environmental concerns
• Restriction requirements to reporting/communication requirements
• Making a safe product to making a product safely and from a safe product to a sustainable products
• An Extended Quality and Sourcing system to manage risk management for the brand’s operation
• How a system can capture chemical compliance
• How a system can provide detailed reporting and analysis for the brand

***Our events offer to our clients and potential clients and therefore, please register with a valid company email address only. TUV Rheinland reserves right on final participants allowed without prior notice.


Charles Ng | Technical Manager, Softlines @TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong

Charles is responsible for giving technical supports and advices to customers related to chemical testing, chemical management and sustainability across different consumer product categories.


Tim Chiu | Senior Vice President, Client Management @CBX

Tim has helped numerous leading retailers and brands improve efficiency by implementing retail merchandising, global sourcing, quality, vendor management, and vendor collaboration solutions that provide measurable benefits. With a varied background in IT and workflow process consulting, Tim is a frequent speaker on the topic of Merchandise Lifecycle Optimization for the retail industry.


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