CBX Software is now TradeBeyond

CBX Software
is now TradeBeyond

TradeBeyond connects retail supply chain operations from product development to delivery.

REI 179 locations in 42 states and the District of Columbia
Retail stores Products Brands homewares, furniture, electronics, toys and kids clothing
Suppliers products fashion, kids' clothing, babywear, entertainment, toys, homewares
Locations: North America, Europe, Mainland China Asia Pacific Canada
Locations: United States, Canada and Puerto Rico

Empower Tomorrow

TradeBeyond opens the door to intelligent collaboration, data sharing, and working at the speed of digital throughout the entire product lifecycle. Retailers, brands, and trading partners experience shorter lead times, greater compliance, brand protection, and the ability to foresee what’s ahead—allowing enough time to pivot accordingly, avoiding risk and costly delays.
Global brands products design procurement purchasing sourcing production automation management


Reduce cycle times, react quickly to consumer trends and run a leaner, faster supply chain across time zones and markets.


Grow your range of private label products and assortments across verticals, while increasing both top line and bottom-line revenue


Get ahead of your ESG and sustainability goals and requirements, with full visibility into your extended supply chain.
Retail brand product procurement sourcing purchasing merchandiser Europe Asia Germany Austria Switzerland China North America
Discover products and collaborate on one platform.
Intelligent collaboration across the supply chain.


Go beyond the limits of traditional PLM systems.


Efficient and transparent global sourcing at scale.


Remove guesswork from the retail order cycle.


Consolidate all quality programs under one roof.


Ship smarter and faster on one connected platform.


Make supplier collaboration a strategic advantage.

TradeBeyond is key innovation partner for iconic and emerging brands.

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