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Q3 2023 Retail Sourcing Report

TradeBeyond’s Retail Sourcing Report delivers research and analysis aimed at informing global sourcing and buying decisions. Packed with actionable facts and insights, this quarter’s report examines the implications of easing inflation and slowing consumer spending, which has sent ripples through the supply chain.

In addition to extensive sections on economic indicators, shipping rates, and commodity prices, our Q3 2023 Retail Sourcing Report also features breakout reports on global ESG trends and regulations.

Key takeaways from the Q3 2023 Retail Sourcing Report:

  • Products that made ESG claims achieved disproportionate sales, according to an exhaustive study of five years of data. The effect was especially pronounced for the smallest brands and private label products.
  • Brands with most of their sales coming from products with sustainability claims saw more repeat buying, suggesting that a deeper engagement with ESG issues across their portfolio attracted greater consumer loyalty.
  • Canada, Austria, Brazil, Japan, and Switzerland are among the countries that have introduced or passed new ESG regulations. ESG reporting frameworks are maturing in response to increased government regulations around sustainability.
  • Chinese companies have reported hesitancy among customers to place new orders, resulting in Chinese manufacturers cutting staff for a fourth month on weaker sales expectations.
  • India is enjoying rapid manufacturing growth while Thailand, Indonesia, and Turkey have experienced sustained recoveries in their manufacturing sectors due to lower input costs and greater demand for their exports.
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