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SAN DIEGOJuly 19, 2022 – CBX Software, a leading provider of retail supply chain and global sourcing SaaS applications, has launched TradeBeyond BASIC, a new and free version of the TradeBeyond merchandise sourcing app.

Since its launch in 2020, TradeBeyond has helped many global brands and retailers connect with their suppliers, collaboratively develop product concepts and curate product collections. TradeBeyond eliminates the endless exchanges of emails, text messages like WhatsApp and WeChat and files, which buyers, merchandisers and suppliers engage in when collaboratively developing products and collections.

With the introduction of BASIC the functionality of TradeBeyond is now available to anyone involved in buying and sourcing, not just large brands and retailers. No matter if you are a trader or importer, a start-up launching a new brand or a “solopreneur,” TradeBeyond can save you countless hours of unproductive planning and communication.

“The promise of TradeBeyond BASIC is so exciting. It will help countless people that spend hours every day finding products, building collections and sourcing suppliers to work more efficiently and collaboratively,” said Michael Hung, CEO of CBX Software. “Information overload is a real problem in the digital age, if we can eliminate some of the complications and help buyers and suppliers focus on what’s most important, then our mission will be a success.”

For more information on TradeBeyond and CBX Software’s mission to simplify product development and sourcing, visit https://www.cbxsoftware.com/solutions/tradebeyond.

  About TradeBeyond

TradeBeyond is the most advanced and intuitive social application for buying and sourcing professionals to connect and collaborate with each other. By streamlining the discovery, review and curation of products, the application also helps suppliers to securely present their products and collections in professional showrooms and collect interest and input from their customers. For more information visit www.tradebeyond.com.


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