Hong Kong/San Diego/Munich – Oct. 31, 2022 – CBX Software, the leading provider of multi-enterprise platforms for extended supply chain orchestration, announced today that it has changed its trade name to TradeBeyond. 

CBX Software pioneered the multi-enterprise platform that streamlines retail product development, sourcing and supply chain operations. The new name, TradeBeyond, represents a major milestone in the company’s success over the past decade, helping many of the world’s leading brands and retailers to increase private label volumes while reducing lead times and costs. 

With this focus, the company has consistently achieved year-on-year revenue growth and profitability. Going forward, TradeBeyond is investing in a new level of growth, enriching solution offerings, and increasing customer value. The new name underscores the company’s continued mission to go beyond the norm to deliver powerful extended retail supply chain solutions that help supply chain partners maximize speed, scale and sustainability. TradeBeyond pushes the envelope by equipping customers with data, intelligence and automation capabilities that shorten time-to-market, increase brand protection, and help plan for challenges and opportunities. 

Along with the new name, TradeBeyond will adopt the tagline “Empower Tomorrow.” This embodies the company’s charter to empower retail businesses with the supply chain of the future. TradeBeyond will continue to invest in powerful ESG solutions that help our customers ensure that their merchandise is designed, sourced and produced to social and environmental compliance standards. 

“TradeBeyond isn’t just helping our customers digitize and optimize their global supply chains,” said Michael Hung, CEO of TradeBeyond, “We empower them to manage their supply chains more responsibly and sustainably.” 

Our executive team looks forward to sharing more exciting news and developments in the coming months. 

About TradeBeyond 

TradeBeyond is the leading provider of multi-enterprise platforms for extended supply chain orchestration. Over 30,000 retailers, brands and suppliers around the world rely on TradeBeyond’s extended supply chain platform to choreograph product development, sourcing, orders, production, quality, and logistics. TradeBeyond empowers our customers to work smarter, with greater visibility and control and source and produce products faster, more responsibly and more profitably. For more information, visit www.tradebeyond.com.

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