New York / Hong Kong: Dec 20, 2016 – CBX Software, the leader in Total Sourcing Management announced today that Lamps Plus, the largest lighting retailer in the United States, successfully went live globally on CBX Cloud to manage product development, sourcing, quality assurance and vendor collaboration.

Prior to implementing CBX, Lamps Plus relied on disconnected manual processes and spreadsheets to manage its sourcing and product development processes. The deployment of CBX Cloud enabled the different teams at Lamps Plus to manage their supply chain processes and collaborate with vendors on a single, centralized platform. The Lamps Plus management team believes that having a “single version of the truth” will allow the company to improve cross functional collaboration, further improve supply chain efficiency and accelerate time to market.

Using CBX’s powerful Supplier Collaboration feature, Lamp Plus’ vendors can now access CBX Cloud to actively collaborate and participate in product development, quotation and quality assurance processes. CBX Critical Path Management is also being used to effectively manage and monitor key supply chain and order follow up milestones.

“The launch of CBX Cloud is a significant step to realize the company’s vision to further optimize the supply chain and lower costs,” said Clark Linstone, CFO, Lamps Plus, “Lamps Plus’ 80+ internal users and our 400+ suppliers will now be able to access CBX Cloud to manage critical supply chain milestones to ensure products are delivered on time and on cost. We thank the CBX team for their professionalism and dedication over the past few months to make this launch a success.”

“The latest in a long list of successful CBX Cloud go-live launches, further confirms that an integrated PLM, Sourcing, Quality Assurance and Supplier Collaboration platform brings significant benefit to retailers and brands like Lamps Plus,” said Michael Hung, CEO, CBX Software, “we are confident that the CBX solution will provide Lamps Plus with the agility and flexibility to realize their goal of reduced supply chain costs, faster time to market and enhanced profitability.”


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