The international trade company Wünsche is taking advantage of CBX Software’s latest ESG innovations.

Last year CBX Software became the first supply chain management software company to offer a BSCI interface with amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. CBX’s out-of-the-box amfori interface delivers major advances in the automation and monitoring of suppliers’ social and sustainability compliances. 

As part of the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability, Wünsche requires suppliers to be BSCI certified. amfori BSCI certifications are issued by authorized testing, inspection, and certification companies, which audit according to amfori BSCI standards. amfori’s cloud database compiles all its certification audits in one directory for retail members to search and view through amfori’s online portal.  

“Our customers are major corporations including some of the largest retailers in the world and they are concerned with corporate responsibility,” said Wünsche’s Director of Organisation & Process Management Nikolaus Eberhardt. “It is our job to make sure that we have processes and systems in place to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks regarding social and sustainability compliance.” 

CBX’s amfori interface synchronizes all BSCI audit reports and results to Wünsche’s CBX Cloud platform in real time. Wünsche buyers, merchandisers and compliance management officers are aware of any BSCI status updates regarding any of the company’s suppliers without having to manually access the amfori portal. CBX Cloud automatically cross checks any orders and shipments and notifies key members of potential compliance issues.  

“This out of the box interface delivers enormous benefits,” said Tim Chiu, Senior Vice President of CBX Software. “Merchandisers and compliance officers no longer need to go to the amfori portal every time they need to check a supplier BSCI status when placing an order or authorizing shipment.” 

CBX’s amfori interface is simple and available to any CBX Cloud retailer that is a member of amfori. Retailers using CBX Cloud can easily ensure that their suppliers follow their standards and code of conduct. The system also easily enables businesses to vet factories, which is crucial for retailers determining who will produce their branded products. 

“It supports the philosophy of Wünsche’s owners as well,” Eberhardt continued. “It’s important for us to prove that if you purchase from Wünsche, we’re guaranteeing those products meet a high standard. Now we can show our customers that we are real-time connected with amfori.”

To learn more about how CBX Cloud enables businesses to meet their corporate responsibility goals, contact us today. 

Eric Linxwiler
Vice President, Americas
Direct: 858.449.9707

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