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HONG KONGSept. 13, 2022 – CBX Software, the retail industry’s foremost provider of extended product lifecycle management and global supply chain management solutions, has partnered with Higg, the sustainability insights platform, to integrate environmental sustainability data directly into CBX Cloud.

Used by more than 500 brands and tens of thousands of suppliers, Higg collects and integrates social and environmental sustainability data, enabling businesses to measure and manage key impact areas such as carbon emissions, water usage, waste, and labor conditions.

“To scale solutions that address climate change, it’s important for Higg to integrate with PLM leaders like CBX to continue providing science-backed data to support the apparel industry in improving its social and environmental impact,” said Brian Tippy, Director of Partnerships – Technical Integrations, Higg.

The Higg integration with CBX provides the brands, retailers and suppliers that use CBX for product development, sourcing, quality and compliance with the data they need to meet ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards. One of the many benefits of this integration is the incorporation of Higg data into the CBX platform, providing businesses with greater visibility into their sustainability initiatives through one centralized platform.

“Our partnership with Higg is timely given that brands and retailers are rapidly improving their practices and reporting their progress toward meeting ESG standards,” said Michael Hung, CEO of CBX Software. “Governments and consumers across the globe are demanding greater accountability and transparency into how and where products are made. We are happy to be part of the solution by helping brands and retailers work towards sourcing more responsibly.”

About CBX Software

CBX Software is the foremost extended product lifecycle management solution provider from concept to delivery. CBX helps retailers and brands streamline product development and sourcing through order, production and delivery. Through innovative sourcing management, product lifecycle management (PLM), and production and order management solutions, CBX empowers the supply chain network by driving collaboration to over 15,000 retail and supplier partners, and 30,000 users in more than 50 countries. For more information, visit www.cbxsoftware.com.

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