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CBX Enhanced Mobile Offering Radically Reduces Manual Processes and Empowers Volumes of Inspection Data for Analysis

Hong Kong / New York, NY – January 8, 2015 – CBX Software, the leader in Total Sourcing Management for the retail industry, today announced the CBX Mobile Inspector application running on its global, high performance Total Sourcing Management Platform in the cloud. This new offering moves pre-shipment inspections, still largely manual and paper based, into the digital era.

CBX Mobile Inspector enables quality inspectors to record all inspection data electronically on tablets and other mobile devices. The data and results are automatically uploaded to the CBX cloud platform facilitating shipment release and issue management. The application has built-in multimedia support enabling inspectors to take photos, mark them up and add annotation. Inspectors can also record voice memos and videos and attach them to inspection reports.

CBX Mobile Inspector increases the integrity of inspection data, by eliminating the massive amounts of manual work and corresponding errors in capturing paper reports into information management systems. The solution also offers an embedded security feature, utilizing geo-location and other technologies that register the time, location and individual who completed the inspection report.

CBX Mobile Inspector helps manage the work of quality inspectors, providing the ability to download all relevant information, including item, order and quality information, needed for upcoming inspections on to mobile devices. Inspectors can browse and search for upcoming as well as completed inspections via map and traditional listing user interfaces. Offline capabilities are also embedded for remote factories and warehouses which lack stable cellular signals.

“The benefits for retailers and brands are massive. By eliminating labor intensive manual processes, the CBX application enables quality control teams to dramatically increase productivity, at the same time, improve data quality,” said Michael Hung, CEO of CBX Software. “Ultimately, CBX will enable management to effectively leverage the growing volumes of inspection data to make better vendor and product decisions, save time and costs in the inspection process, and provide higher data integrity.”

About CBX Software

CBX Software has simplified the business of global sourcing, transforming traditional methodologies into fast, friction free supply chains through our real-time cloud based Total Sourcing Management Platform (TSM). We help retailers, brands and manufacturers manage and empower the supply chain from plan to pay – one intelligent collaboration solution for an enterprise to plan, spec, source, assure quality, order, make, inspect, ship and pay. Over 20,000 users in more than 30 countries rely on CBX including: Target, Safeway, Kmart, Charming Shoppes and others. Visit us at cbxsoftware.com, follow us on Twitter @cbxsoftware, like us on Facebook and visit our LinkedIn page.



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