We’re excited to announce the release of CBX Cloud PLM, which includes hundreds of new features that help retailers and brands to bring products to market with increased speed and quality.

Retailers are under increased pressure to bring more products to market faster than ever before. But keeping track of so much product information is extremely difficult, especially for departments working across different countries and time zones. Many companies spread their communications across a disorganized patchwork of emails, spreadsheets, dropboxes and servers, a slow and redundant system that creates confusion and lends itself to errors and missed handoffs.

CBX Cloud PLM centralizes that information and makes it available throughout the entire production design and development process, from product brief through detailed specification, artwork, packaging and sample approval. Real-time reports, dashboards and alerts guarantee that everybody in the organization is meeting benchmarks and working from the most up-to-date information, enabling retailers to bring more SKUs to market faster. 

Our latest enhancements take administrative work off the plate of designers, sparing them from having to toggle between multiple platforms. Without CBX Cloud PLM, designers can spend as much as 50-60% of their time coordinating with other departments and continually uploading and reuploading images and data to outside systems. CBX Cloud PLM automatically synchronizes that data for them, enabling them to work from within the tools they’re already using, including Adobe Illustrator, Browzwear VSticher and Lotta 3D. 

These time-saving features free designers to do what they do best: design. 

Read about all of CBX Cloud PLM’s new features here. 

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