Optimize Global Sourcing For Necessary Change

April 8, 2019


Tuesday, March 19th @ 3:30PM EST

In today’s competitive retail industry bankruptcies and store closures dominate the daily news, “retail apocalypse” is a common term, and retailers and brands face myriad pains and issues just to survive. Complicating matters further, global retail sourcing is incredibly complex, with multiple steps, processes, and milestones involved from a product concept or planning stage to the point of product delivery and sale to the customer.

In order for new competitive strategies to work, retailers need to ensure that their product development and sourcing processes are fully optimized with built-in visibility, collaboration, and efficiency. As the number of private label SKUs sourced increases, numerous functional areas in different countries need to collaborate and plan to respond to change effectively.

In our latest webcast series you will learn about a cutting-edge app that allows:

Reality check for current collaborative practices

  • Buyers to see all of their suppliers’ products and follow their latest developments.
  • Buyers, designers, sourcing, and others using the same app to create, review, rate, comment on and shortlist products.
  • Supplier’s to get noticed by sharing products ideas/creations with potential buyers in an online showroom.
  • Buyers to either capture images or collect ideas from suppliers that are automatically filed into your ranges/line planning.


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