May 21, 2020, Microsoft Reactor, San Francisco

Due to COVID-19 this event has been postponed to a later date TBD

Constantly evolving consumer trends makes life challenging for retailers trying to keep up with the demand for new innovations, lower prices and better quality.  Further, a retailer’s private label product lifecycle is one of the most complex of any industry when it comes to gaining consumer insights and bringing private label products to market. When consumers see products on the shelf, they give little thought to how they arrived but, we in the retail industry understand all too well the journey of a private label product. From line/range planning, product development, mitigating supplier risks, sourcing, quotations, samples, and all the way through production, quality, compliance, delivery, the product lifecycle is a painstaking process, managed by many individuals, teams and decision-makers along the way.

At PLU 2020 West, Attendees will learn best practices from retail insiders and gain insights on how to overcome the challenges that start far upstream in the private label development process.

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