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2021 Ideas SUMMIT – Special Topic Sessions April 28-29


“Looking Through the Lens of Retail: How Retail Supply Chain, Sourcing, and Procurement Stakeholders Integrate ESG Responsibility into Their Broader Global Sourcing Strategy”


Moderated by Juli Lassow, former Director of Sourcing and Strategy at Target Corporation and current Founder and Principal of JHL Solutions. Juli will be accompanied by panel members including:  Brian Ehrig, Partner at Kearney, Peter Burrows, former CIO at both Adidas and Reebok, current CEO at Fair Factories Clearing House, and Eric Linxwiler, SVP at TradeBeyond.


This dynamic five person Q&A session will look at four key topic areas: “Choosing a compliance-based program or how to extend the focus of existing initiatives to include sustainability,” “How retailers are incorporating responsible sourcing into the entire supplier lifecycle,” “The best way to involving third-party organizations in responsible sourcing activities to maximize their effectiveness,” and “How the industry is leveraging technology to better measure and analyze supplier adherence to policy.”


The panel members will discuss how the world being rife with environmental, economic, and social challenges impacts the retail industry. The group will also explore how many of the issues in today’s retail environment come from the result of supply chains lacking visibility and transparency at every stage of the product development journey, from raw materials to finished consumer goods.


Join Juli Lassow and a fantastic group of subject matter experts to discover together how the retail world is boosting sustainability, traceability, responsible sourcing, and risk management best practices which ultimately drives them closer to the multi-stakeholder, long-term value principles that lie at the heart of Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

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