The List of Global Supply Chain Due Diligence Laws Keeps Growing

Governments across the world are committing to eliminating forced labor and other social and environmental abuses from the supply chain. In recent years, Germany, France, the U.K., and The Netherlands have all passed acts mandating supply chain due diligence, and...

How TradeBeyond Eliminates Data Silos

How TradeBeyond Eliminates Data Silos

TradeBeyond eliminates supply chain data silos, creating visibility and extending data to all stakeholders throughout your organization.

Vietnam – Rising Footwear Manufacturing Capital

Vietnam – Rising Footwear Manufacturing Capital While China has continued its “zero-COVID” strategy, forcing factory closures and stalling production, Vietnam continued to grow exports across categories such as footwear. Vietnam is currently ranked second to China in footwear production, exporting...

Retail Sourcing and Nearshoring

Mexico as Nearshoring Hotspot

Mexico as Nearshoring Hotspot One of the beneficiaries of the ongoing U.S.-China trade war and China’s recent decline in manufacturing is Mexico, which holds the advantage of proximity to the U.S. as a near sourcing location, as well as relatively...

How CBX Software Grew into TradeBeyond

How CBX Software Grew into TradeBeyond TradeBeyond co-founders Michael Hung and Tim Chiu met while working at Lotus Consulting, the consulting practice of Lotus Development Corporation, in the ’90s. The two worked with Lotus’s top corporate customers until 1995, when...

UFLPA Poses Compliance Challenges For Retailers

Which Goods Are Targeted Under UFLPA? Any merchandise, stemming from any country of origin, is subject to the rules imposed by the UFLPA. U.S. Customs has outlined three especially high-risk categories: chemicals, agricultural goods, and apparel, since the Xinjiang region...


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