TradeBeyond Introduces Powerful Chain of Custody Management Suite

As brands and retailers continue to adjust to the tightening requirements of global supply chain due diligence laws, TradeBeyond has responded with elegant new solutions for ensuring social and environmental sustainability.

We’re excited to share the extensive new chain of custody management suite we’ve added to our leading multi-enterprise platform. These critical enhancements enable brands and retailers to not only trace the material origins of their products throughout their entire supply chain but also to produce the documentation they need to meet the requirements of recent global due diligence laws and to support their sustainable marketing claims. The platform also introduces crucial safeguards to prevent fines, penalties, and lengthy shipping detainments.

With consumers, governments, and investors alike more concerned about the provenance of merchandise than ever, being able to track and document chain of custody is now necessary for brands and retailers. Under the United States’ Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, enacted last year, importers must be able to show the provenance of their goods to demonstrate that no forced labor was involved in their production. Our new chain of custody functionality automatically collects, compiles, and organizes the documentation that brands and retailers need to provide to U.S. Customs in the event of a shipping detainment or Withhold Release Order (WRO).

This innovative suite introduces a failproof process for managing chain of custody by creating a repository of chain of custody documentation (including invoices, declarations, and bills of lading) linked to every purchase order. The system lets retailers clearly define all their chain of custody requirements for each order, including optional and mandatory documentation, so suppliers have a clear understanding of the documentation they need to provide. At any point, users can open up a direct chat with each other to quickly resolve any problems or questions about chain of custody, saving time and preventing last-minute holdups.

The system streamlines traceability processes for retailers while serving as a crucial safeguard by ensuring that all required documentation is in place. In addition to introducing crucial visibility by centralizing documents in a readily accessible location, the system also automatically flags any problems with chain of custody during order creation, production, and shipping.

As an additional safety measure, smart notifications alert retailers about orders that have unmet requirements. Visual dashboards conveniently show users at a glance how many orders have outstanding chain of custody issues, and whether key documentation has been requested, submitted, approved, or rejected.

TradeBeyond’s powerful new chain of custody suite is just the latest in a series of recent ESG enhancements we’ve added to our responsible sourcing platform. Along with recently introduced integrations with sustainability databases like amfori, Higg, and WRAP and expanded supply chain mapping capabilities, these enhancements underscore TradeBeyond’s commitment to helping businesses stay ahead of rapidly evolving regulations and supporting their sustainability initiatives.

For more information on TradeBeyond’s ESG solutions, visit tradebeyond.com/esg.

TradeBeyond provides a comprehensive solution for ensuring brands and retailers stay ahead of their current and future sustainability targets. Contact us today to learn how TradeBeyond can help your company foster a more sustainable supply chain.

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