An ultra-competitive market and competition from international businesses make it difficult to succeed in any industry. Regardless of your product, you need a solution that ensures traceability in manufacturing and distribution cycles so that you can efficiently manage your supply chain from start to finish.

CBX traceability solutions are designed to make product traceability a breeze. Get peace of mind over quality, ensure compliance at every stage of the supply chain, and source from trusted suppliers worldwide.

Our cloud-based solutions reduce time to market, cut costs, mitigate liability, and create a five-star traceability chain your business can rely on.

What is Traceability?

Traceability has never been more crucial or challenging to manage. Today’s consumer wants to know that the products they purchase come from ethical sources. Further, they want transparency into every component of the finished product.

Relying on supplier cooperation and assumptions is not enough. Product traceability is regulated by ISO 8402 and goes beyond simply showing your customers that you care about the source of your materials.

Investing in production traceability allows you to identify vendors who use only the highest quality products, that your ready-made products comply with all safety metrics, and that your marketing is in line with what your customers receive.

Traceability ensures that your company can easily access current and past product information. Acquire essential insights, such as:

  • Inspection notes
  • Raw material origins
  • Production lifecycle
  • Time spent at each workstation
  • Transit locations

With companies increasingly using overseas suppliers – many of which operate under different quality assurance procedures – it can be difficult for domestic businesses to ensure products conform to their standards.

With CBX Software, we go the extra mile to guarantee production traceability and give you more control over the suppliers and distributors you do business with.

Build your Effective Tracing System with CBX

What makes an effective tracing system?

You need two primary components:

  • Reliable identification
  • Centralized record-keeping

Adopt the identification or coding system that works for your organization. The unique tagging of production processes, lots, and individual products allows you to permanently mark your products and look them up at any point in the supply chain.

Technologies like 2D bar codes, RFID tags, and data matrix ID are compatible with the CBX tracing infrastructure.

After a product or individual component enters the supply chain, its tracing information will be captured in real-time and sent to your centralized record-keeping facility. CBX works to automatically welcome new additions so that you’re always in the know.

Tracing systems can be used to look up current information about a product, including what’s being done at each workstation and where that workstation is. This process is repeated continually across the entire supply chain, empowering you to follow the journey of every product.

Compare your data with original production planning systems to ensure that steps are neither missed nor performed incorrectly.

Quality control happens at each point by checking against the bill of materials. Receive confirmations when a shipment arrives at each location so you can follow along as if you were there in person.

Assemble a complete history of your products that can be easily stored in your dashboard and accessed whenever and wherever you need it.

CBX Software takes pride in taking the traditionally complex and challenging endeavor of traceability and turning it into a straightforward and simple process.

Benefits of CBX Traceability Systems

Due to the many stages involved in manufacturing, traceability is crucial for streamlining business operations. You can now make transparency and traceability a priority in your business with CBX Software. Our cutting-edge software solutions are designed to trace every product in your portfolio at a glance.

You can track your suppliers, products, and the activities of your vendor and distribution network from a single dashboard.

Building a traceability system can improve quality, reduce supply chain friction, and ensure compliance.

But why should you rely on us for your product tracing?

Improve Efficiency in Production

Identify problems early on and eliminate them with complete traceability frameworks. Data on how your products move through the supply chain allow you to strive for continuous improvement. Recognizing bottlenecks and delays the moment they happen allows for real-time optimization and, as a result, increased efficiency.

Real-Time Visibility

Stop relying on supplier cooperation to get the information you need about your supply chain. See what’s going on at a glance with our real-time software. Keep your finger on the pulse and automate your product tracing needs.

Root Causes

Improve your supply chain and liaise with suppliers by identifying the root causes of a problem through your tracing system. Identify and isolate the source of sub-par products down to the facility, team, and even the individual workstation.

Solve minor issues before they snowball into big problems with CBX tracing.

Quality Control

Every supply chain needs high-level quality control. Integrate the ultimate product traceability tool within your business by promoting granular quality control. Ensure quality products that are safer and strive for improvement every step of the way.

Liability Mitigation

Never fall victim to a PR nightmare by employing top-tier quality assurance. Your tracing system uncovers problems with products before they make it to the market.

Keep your customers happy, minimize the risk of liability, and reduce the costs of product failure. Protect the future of your business with quality assurance now.

Effective Global Manufacturing

Thousands of miles away, anything can go wrong. However, supply chains on an international scale are a necessity in today’s connected business world.

Nip problems in the bud with a tracing system that informs you of warning signs and potential problems before disaster strikes. You can now track your products and their progress in the supply chain at any time, from anywhere.

Customer Satisfaction

Without satisfied customers, you wouldn’t have a supply chain to be tracking. Running a successful business revolves around not just meeting, but exceeding customer expectations. Position yourself as the valuable provider in your niche by using traceability solutions from CBX.

Set yourself up for success by providing constant incremental improvements that keep pace with the competition and outpace your customers’ expectations.

Traceability in Supply Chains: What We Do

Staying on top of the many phases of supply chains worldwide is difficult for today’s international businesses. Ensuring quality and compliance while running the rest of your business can give even the most experienced entrepreneur a difficult time.

We believe that product and material traceability should be easy. CBX positions you for end-to-end visibility over your entire supply chain with our state-of-the-art solutions. CBX is compatible with every significant traceability model in use today.

Request your demo and enjoy real-time views of every step in the supply chain until products reach your home base.

External Tracing

Growing businesses can get a handle on their partners using external tracing. External tracing allows you to identify the status of a product upon entering any facility, how long it stayed there, and its next destination after leaving a facility.

Downstream Tracing

Does your product come with a guarantee or a warranty?

Products like household appliances and cars come with the risk of a general product recall. Any recall is devastating for consumer confidence, a brand’s reputation, and profitability.

Downstream tracing is crucial for boosting customer loyalty and successful marketing campaigns. By implementing downstream tracing systems, you have a clear picture of your product and its history.

Upstream Tracing

Upstream tracing is not an option but a requirement for many industries. Your industry may require you to be able to trace your product from the consumer back to the manufacturer, the supplier, or the retailer.

Ensuring transparency at the highest level and guaranteeing consumer protection is a core benefit of implementing an upstream tracing program with CBX.

Internal Tracing

Monitoring every station along the external supply chain is just one part of the equation. Internal tracing is just as important. You need to know where each product came from to confirm compatibility with each market.

Designating serial numbers and barcodes for each product or batch gives your company the tools it needs to rely on an effective track and trace program. Knowing relevant dimensions, specs, and inspection results for each batch lends itself to an efficient process.

Effective internal tracing programs rely on your management to be equipped with the tools they need. CBX Software excels at keeping track of everything coming into and out of your facility in real-time, making it the number one tracing solution on the market today.

Facilitate Traceability with CBX Cloud

Eliminate friction within supply chains and ensure compliance with industry regulations using CBX Cloud’s robust, end-to-end system. With a sophisticated sourcing management hub that empowers collaboration, you can deliver products to market ahead of customer expectations.

Through strategic sourcing, advanced quality assurance, and superior supplier compliance, CBX Cloud ensures your products are sourced, produced and shipped responsibly and sustainably.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule a demo.

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