Written by Madison Linxwiler

Collaboration innovation from a technological standpoint effectively makes a small world big and a big world small. Historical technologies such as the creation of the printing press and the telegraph, to the landline phone and radio, to the more modern innovations such as the television, the fax machine, mobile phones and the internet, all piece together to consistently rework and make better, an effective chain of collaboration and communication between suppliers and retailers as well as retailers and consumers. As the world is further revealed by the modernization of technology, the vast, segmented earth, has evolved into a manageable sphere of effective human collaboration. These relative modernizations of technology have allowed consumers to begin demanding more because of the enhanced vision of the world now available. In all honesty, there is no need for a handheld, shatterproof, face recognition smart phone with more processing power than what it took to land a man on the moon, yet, thirty years after the World Wide Web was created, consumers stand in lines for hours to claim the greatest and latest in communication technology.

The once small world has developed into a huge, collaboration zone with ideas flying around the web at instant speed, touching all people, from consumers to retailers to suppliers. Suppliers and retailers have gained incredible amounts of access to communicate with their buyers through a plethora of platforms within an online marketplace. Technology provides a simple outlet for collaborators to create advertisements, submit reviews, as well as shop and sell through online portals. Opening these communication tunnels between collaborators and retail buyers, with the development and increased usage of buyer applications, not only boosts the number of products available to consumers at a quicker pace to satisfy demand but contributes to the continual evolution of a more global viewpoint. Consumer expectations of speed, reliability, and products on trend, implores suppliers and retailers to constantly use technological innovation to satisfy the demands. The category management process for any supplier and retailer values from using updated buyer apps to reorganize product categories into their respective business units while maintaining a complete overview of products acquired for consumer demand. The upgrades in retail buyer application technology has eased the communication for collaboration between the verified suppliers and the retailers they sell to, in order to adhere to consumer demand. From these technological upgrades, the big world again becomes small, as suppliers and retailers focus on individual consumers and the personalization they demand. With access to immense markets and prospects, personalization is expected, demand for excellence is required, and ease is the priority.

What Does a Successful Collaborative Solution look like?

Technologies that combine an effective collaboration space for retailers and suppliers to please consumers’ demanding speed and personalization requirements, are the next industry standard.

TradeBeyond from is that game changer. As the premiere sourcing application for retailers and suppliers to creatively collaborate and get products to their destinations fast, Trade Beyond focuses on closing the gaps between an ever-growing consumer need and a constantly shrinking timeline.

TradeBeyond effectively solves all issues of communication as the mobile app focuses on collaboration through customization of products and projects from supplier to retailer. With the ability to track every part of the creation and sourcing process from the ease of the well-designed app, Trade Beyond enables procurement category managers to buy explicitly what they need, when the consumers express the demand. As a result, the specificity in which the Trade Beyond application organizes the category management process, gives retailers the opportunity to advertise quicker turnaround times with accuracy and ease, in order to increase production value to consumers. Trade Beyond, the cutting edge of supplier and retailer sourcing, is the future of how technology inspires collaboration and innovation, making a small world effectively bigger, and a big world individually smaller. 

Written by Madison Linxwiler
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