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Sustainability is a buzzword, conjuring images of grass-fed beef, reusable shopping bags, and wind farms. But regardless of the nature of your business, sustainability is an important concept that can drastically help your business stay afloat in today’s competitive market. In the general sense, sustainable means “able to be maintained at a particular level or rate,” and in the ecological sense it describes the conservation of resources to keep the balance. One of the best ways for your company to be sustainable is to employ strategic sourcing in your business model. Read on to learn how sourcing management software and tools can help you understand the concept and put it into play so your company comes out on top.

Strategic Sourcing Defined

But first, what is strategic sourcing? Simply put, it’s a process that evaluates a company’s purchasing activities, streamlining and improving operations while addressing any detrimental factors along the way. Companies must spend money on so many things, and it all adds up, so it’s vitally important for the life of your business to stop any sources of financial loss. This includes ensuring you’re dealing with the best suppliers, doing everything as efficiently as possible, purchasing economically, and reducing costs wherever possible.

Accounting for every detail, like managing your vendors, can be a daunting task. Enter sourcing software, also called vendor management software. Sourcing software works because it handles the jobs of a huge team of people, making it possible for companies to place sourcing duties in the hands of just a few employees. Many people prefer global sourcing software to outsourcing, which is placing their strategic sourcing operations in the hands of an external company. If you prefer to do everything yourself, equipping a dedicated department with the latest sourcing software can help them navigate this complex process under your roof.

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The Functions of Strategic Sourcing Software

Think of strategic sourcing software as a digital Swiss army knife. It’s a multitool with many functions in one convenient package. The best sourcing software packages are user-friendly, easy to learn, and customizable based on each user’s individual needs. They’re also readily useable within a wide variety of internet providers, web speeds, browsers, servers, and systems, because every office and business network is unique.

In terms of function, strategic sourcing software tools work to facilitate communication, generating to-do lists and sending alerts when appropriate so everyone stays on task and on time. The software can also display data about current projects on demand and allowing resources and objectives to be managed according to the project.

Retail sourcing management software in particular needs to handle many duties, because today’s retail companies are connected with vast international supply chains of producers, suppliers, distributors, consumers, and everything in between. If a single spoke in this wheel is broken, your business can’t move forward. You can’t roll out a new product in a timely fashion, for example, which can lead to a failure of that product, a brand, or even your company itself.

Strategic sourcing is crucial for all businesses, regardless of industry. But you don’t need to handle this complex and delicate process all on your own. Sourcing management tools, including strategic sourcing software, manage everything from supply chain to staying within the parameters of your critical path. Trust CBX Software to bring twenty-four years of expertise to the table to offer you and your business the smart, efficient digital tools for all your sourcing needs.

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