Guy in warehouse on tablet

Guy in warehouse on tablet
As supply chain management has become more and more prominent in production and manufacturing circles, it has evolved in complexity and efficiency. This trend has moved it from the purview of data-obsessed logistics managers into the conscience of daily production supervisors, supply chain fulfillment workers and managers looking for maximum efficiency at the lowest cost while not sacrificing quality of service or product. Here are three trends that are emerging in the world of supply chain management that you must be aware of and track through your supply chain management software.

System Synchronization

Synchronized processes are a must in today’s manufacturing or production environment. Online technology via sourcing management software has let us derive our materials, equipment, even staffing from multiple sources and each of those must work in unison in order to be efficient and effective. In today’s business environment, if your various processes and systems are not synced, you run the risk of not having the supplies or materials you need as well as having a customer order delayed because of transportation issues.


In a world that is now extraordinarily connected, unless you work in a market that is extremely localized, chances are part or all of your entire supply chain process is impacted by globalization. Much of this is the product of international customers, but many companies now get their materials from overseas, especially in the area of retail products. Your retail supply chain software must reflect the global elements of your production or manufacturing processes.


It is impossible to thrive in today’s marketplace, domestically or internationally, without developing significant collaborative relationships with vendors, suppliers and customers. For example, if you are setting up a retail establishment in Boston, your assembly plant or manufacturer might be located somewhere hundreds or even thousands of miles away and they may get their materials from places even further afield. The coordination needed to make all that work together demands a high degree of collaboration.

Like your supply chain management software, your internal work processes have to work together on a global scale. These are three trends that are reshaping marketplaces and how we do business.

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