What is Supplier Management?

Retail Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Software helps retailers manage the lifecycle of a supplier to ensure each supplier is providing maximum value for your business success. CBX supplier management tools make this process extremely easy. SRM management dictates the final quality of your goods and is essential to providing a product that your customers will rave about. SRM is what separates good companies from great companies by valuing their vendors.

  • Track Supplier KPI’s
  • Identify Strengths and Weakness
  • Evaluate Overall Performance

Are you struggling to get an overview of all your suppliers’ performance
across your business?

There are many factors that influenced the rising demand for a Supplier Management System.

Increased Operational Scale

Increased Complexity

Increased Innovation
Managing Supplier Data
Managing Risks
Managing Supplier Relationship


CBX Supplier Management System

CBX Cloud’s vendor relationship management software offers a comprehensive strategic supplier/vendor management solution that helps retailers based on their individual needs, including a communication portal to facilitate communication between retailers and suppliers, on-boarding process automation, contract management, order management, corporate and social responsibility, as well as corrective action tracking and improvement planning.

  • Contracts Terms & Conditions
  • Audits / Certifications and Expiry Notification
  • Central Repository – One System of Record
  • Management of RFI’s, RFQ’s, RFP’s
  • Purchase Order (PO) Management & Collaboration
    – Receive PO
    – Can’t deliver PO QTY or behind schedule notification
    – Shipment Notification – Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)

Responsible Sourcing

SRM software creates an effective network of retailers and suppliers collaborating ‘responsibly’ and in harmony through a host of supplier management tools

CBX Cloud includes comprehensive vendor relationship management capabilities, helping retailers realize strategic and responsible objectives including the ethical and sustainable sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing and delivery of private-label merchandise.

CBX Cloud’s Responsible Sourcing Tools:

  • 360 degree visibility of the supply chain to assess and manage risk.
  • Increased and multi-tiered connections between retailers, suppliers and mills.
  • Single collaboration and messaging channel between retailers and suppliers.
  • Management of key technical and social auditing requirements to ensure all adhere to corporate initiatives.

Streamline New Supplier Onboarding

An SRM system enhances your supply chain collaboration by integrating new suppliers quickly, accurately while building trust.

CBX Cloud supplier relationship management tools streamline and automate new supplier onboarding and existing supplier compliance.

Supplier relationship management tools include but are not limited to:

  • Self-service and mobile auditing solutions.
  • Real-time, digital document and reporting submission.
  • Automatic expiry notifications for out-of-date audits and certifications.
  • A single database providing transparency to the Nth Tier of the supply chain.

Supplier Relationship Management

SRM software allows retailers to segment supplier skills and focus on the strategy that manages all their suppliers and products efficiently.

The CBX Cloud supplier relationship management (SRM) capabilities enhance partnerships between retailers and suppliers; helping both parties to improve adherence to corporate ESG initiatives with real-time visibility into supplier behavior and performance through to the Nth Tier.

Supplier relationship management tools include but are not limited to:

  • Early upstream communication with suppliers regarding new product development and anticipated bill of materials.
  • Unlimited access to all tiers of suppliers, factories, mills, etc.
  • Intelligent dashboards providing all parties insight into supplier behavior and performance.

Order Management

An SRM system Eliminates Manual Bottlenecks – Improve the entire process from booking, shipping, all the way through delivery.

The CBX Cloud supplier relationship management (SRM) system allows suppliers and retailers to jointly manage the end-to-end order follow up process from purchase order inception to final delivery, covering on-time/full, exact status, ship window and communication of quantity adjustments and potential delays to eliminate any surprises.

Order management tools include but are not limited to:

  • Long lead time order status watch including booking, shipping and delivery tracking.
  • Flexible scheduling that is receptive to multiple changes and updates.
  • Real-time communication channel between the supplier, third-party logistics providers and retailers, to increase participation in the process and updates on unforeseen changes.

CBX provides comprehensive Supplier Management solutions that cater to the specific needs of retailers and their suppliers. If you’re interested in learning more about how CBX can seamlessly integrate into your current workflow or have any questions about our software, contact us today! 

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