Infographic of retail product development workflow

Infographic of retail product development workflow

For more than 23 years, CBX Software has been simplifying the process of global sourcing. Traditional methodologies have generally been slow and prone to unnecessary complexities that could be burdensome or outright impede acquisition. Modern practices are transformative. With friction-free supply chains, businesses can focus on innovation, while sourcing any needed materials using a helpful compliance-management platform.

CBX is proud to aid both retailers and brand manufacturers in bringing their processes into the modern era of cloud computing. Visualization tools provide transparency so that you can establish a collaborative workflow, which covers everything from planning and development to delivery. You can use one intelligent solution for your entire enterprise, and it’s always be accessible from the cloud.

Learn about important factors affecting your product development.


You may think that designers can do little when it comes to acquiring top-management support, but it’s essential for successful product development. After all, without their backing, much-needed resources will probably remain out of reach. Without a budget or personnel, you’re unlikely to get much accomplished. While you can’t force management to provide support for your projects, it does behoove you to persuade management to back the projects that seem the most promising.


Information is a requirement, but knowledge isn’t always in reach. The correct data is incredibly useful, but it’s only able to be utilized if it’s made accessible to the key members that can transform information into action. Market research and user details could be essential to your next project, but that doesn’t mean such knowledge is easy to acquire. Open knowledge management structures make getting the information that your designers and other teams need much easier and faster.


It’s not uncommon for product development to bring together a highly diverse group of people from across different departments. Ideally, they should be competent, creative, and willing to step into leadership roles when needed. Sometimes, people with no management background can become integral in leading the team. Everyone still retains responsibility for their own actions and input, but it’s essential that you always have the tools and materials needed for success. Professionalism and talent can only go so far.

These are just few items to consider, but this gives you an idea about the complexity and interdependence involved in product development. A multitude of factors will always be at work. It’s important to appreciate their importance and dependencies.

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