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If you’re like many businesses right now, raw material costs and supply-chain disruptions are wreaking havoc on your pricing. Because of that volatility, it’s more important than ever for suppliers to consider price sensitivities and merchandiser buying patterns before they submit each quote – otherwise, they could be leaking profits by treating all buyers the same. 

It’s well known that buyers often pay different prices for the same product depending on their order commitment, willingness to buy, and their history with a vendor. Suppliers need the flexibility to charge what each vendor is willing to pay in order to maximize profits.  
Yet as integral as variable pricing is to suppliers’ business models, other sourcing platforms insist on locking vendors into one set price for a product, regardless of who’s viewing it.  
TradeBeyond is different. A digital showroom where many of the world’s largest retail buyers connect with suppliers to discover new products, our platform lets vendors control their pricing with private showrooms.  
Vendors can quickly create mass quotes to share with multiple retailers all at once, or they can just as easily send customized quotes to targeted buyers. It’s the fastest way to price strategically. 

TradeBeyond’s public retail directory keeps vendors’ products top of mind, allowing them to display their lines, create look books, and submit samples, all within a single, intuitive platform that lets them showcase their entire product line. Vendors can even share their portfolio with buyers outside of the platform. 

See for yourself how TradeBeyond lets vendors control their own pricing. Try it today. 

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