You’ve probably realized that finding the right U.S. suppliers can be tricky, especially when so many businesses rely on overseas vendors. You want to work with suppliers that offer competitive pricing, excellent service and a reliable delivery schedule, but it can be difficult to vet vendors on those criteria.  

In this post, we’ll cover how you can find high-quality U.S.-based wholesale vendors that offer a variety of products. 

Types of Suppliers 

When discussing supply chain roles and responsibilities, the terms supplier and vendor are frequently interchanged in the supply chain and business worlds. 

They both provide goods and services, but several characteristics distinguish them in the supply chain sector. 

Dropshipping and wholesale are the two primary choices for managing inventory and order fulfillment for merchants who want to sell their goods via an online marketplace or their own eCommerce site. 

When comparing dropshipping versus wholesale, there’s one crucial distinction that merchants should be aware of: Dropshipping enables you to outsource inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping to third-party vendors, whereas wholesale requires you to do these yourself. 

Both dropshipping and wholesale have advantages and disadvantages. As a result, it’s critical to thoroughly consider both possibilities before deciding which is the best plan for your company. 

Dropshipping has grown because it allows digitally native businesses to enter the market quickly and easily. This is because dropshipping eliminates the need for you to own and maintain inventory. Instead, client orders are sent straight to the product’s manufacturer, another merchant, or a specialized dropshipping provider who will complete the logistics on your behalf. 


Dropshipping eliminates a lot of complicated logistical management because the merchant never needs to engage with the product; all they have to do is enable the transaction. 

Because made in USA dropshippers do not own their goods, they are not burdened by the high upfront expenditures of inventory acquisition. The merchant is only required to pay for the things requested when an order is placed, implying that they are essentially purchasing one unit at a time. 

Furthermore, delegating order fulfillment and shipping to a third-party significantly lowers costs by eliminating the need to rent storage space or engage people. 

While not having stock is less expensive and more convenient, there is an obvious disadvantage: Your profit margins will be significantly reduced because your dropshipper gets a large share of each transaction. 


When buying wholesale, retailers will approach manufacturers directly and buy in quantity to achieve better per-unit pricing. Since the items are already well-known, all the merchant has to do is add the item to their store and profit from their current reputation. 

The primary benefit of using USA wholesale distributors is that it saves you money compared to buying individual pieces. Best of all, the wholesaler’s discount improves as your purchase volume grows, allowing you to boost your profit margins significantly over time. 

You have an extraordinary chance to tailor the unpacking experience and positively impact your clients since wholesale provides you with direct control over the order fulfillment process. Customer loyalty is bolstered through immersive brand experiences that relate to your company’s values, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. 

Because wholesale provides you access to well-known items and brands, you can utilize this familiarity to give yourself greater credibility as a vendor. Furthermore, when you extend your product range with a new brand or product offering, it’s a strong marketing technique that helps attract new customer groups. 

How to Find Verified Wholesale Vendors 

Finding ideal wholesale vendors in the USA can be a challenge. You’ll need to choose U.S. wholesale vendors that can provide the following services: 

  • Can connect you to the producers and goods that your company needs 
  • Has cost-effective prices 
  • Serves your specific geographic area 
  • It is dependable and straightforward 

You need to know what your business will be centered around before identifying the ideal wholesale organization to work with. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can start looking for the perfect wholesaler to supply your business. 

Speak to a Variety of Wholesale Suppliers 

Start contacting wholesalers using the manufacturer’s list, phonebook listings, or wholesale directories. You’d want to know: 

  • Their order minimums 
  • Their unit pricing 
  • The region that they serve 

The more U.S. wholesale vendors you speak to, the better you’ll be able to compare rates, get a sense of what’s typical in the business, and acquire competitive quotations. 

Subscribe to Trade Publications 

Trade periodicals are a gold mine of information about your industry’s firms and relationships. A single issue of a trade journal might offer the names of dozens of wholesalers or small manufacturers. Product maker and distributor advertise extensively in these publications. 

Subscribe to online newsletters and blogs in addition to publications. These are frequently the most effective means of staying current with industry news and developments daily or weekly. 

Visit a Trade Show 

These events are aimed at connecting merchants with distributors and manufacturers. 

You may meet and interact with dozens of wholesalers or manufacturers in a single day at trade events. These face-to-face talks help minimize misunderstandings and communication problems when talking with individuals online. In recent years, however, travel restrictions and a decrease in business travel since the pandemic have diminished many industries’ emphasis on trade shows. 

Leverage Technology 

It would be a shame to neglect modern technology in the digital age. TradeBeyond is the world’s premier software for retailers to streamline store brand product discovery, sourcing, and cooperation with trusted suppliers by using its unified product creation platform. Retailers and suppliers may use TradeBeyond to improve internal and external communications, allowing them to expand their operations more successfully. 

Suppliers can use TradeBeyond to promote their items in front of more retail buyers and earn more business. They also can create their digital showrooms simpler and more efficiently now that they have the option to manage their complete product selection online. 

12 U.S. Wholesale Vendors 

Finding a trustworthy wholesale supplier is the first step in beginning a retail or internet business. In truth, success and longevity require purchasing items from a wholesaler with competitive costs, high-quality products, and outstanding service. 

Here are 12 United States wholesalers to get you started: 

1. AEWholesale 

AEWholesale, a family-owned giftware and home décor supplier with over 1200 unique goods, including decorations, sculptures, wall decor, garden accessories and candles, has been serving stores across the United States since 2004. 

2. Bags in Bulk 

Bags in Bulk, based in New York, is a prominent online wholesaler of totes, duffels, backpacks, and other bags. 

Wholesale toys, games, school supplies, hygiene products, socks, hats, scarves and gloves are all available at Bags in bulk. 

3. Bargain Wholesale 

Bargain Wholesale has been importing, wholesaling and distributing top-selling dollar products, general stuff and discounted goods since 1976. 

4. Corner 123 

Corner 123, based in Los Angeles, is a well-known women’s clothes distributor offering a diverse assortment of contemporary and stylish items such as shirts, dresses, jeans and skirts. 

All of the goods on Corner 123 may be purchased in small number packs for a fraction of the cost of wholesale and with no minimum order value. As a result, Corner 123 is ideal for modest fashion boutiques, internet vendors and start-ups. 

5. DollarDays  

DollarDays offers general merchandise and dollar items to a wide range of businesses, including non-profits, schools, and charities across the United States. They have over 10,000 products and 20 years of expertise. 

6. Empire Discount 

Empire Discount is a distributor of children’s toys and games established in the United States, offering licensed toys from well-known brands such as Fisher-Price, Hasbro, and Mattel. 

7. GS-JJ 

GS-JJ has been a leading producer and supplier of custom promotional gifts for over 20 years, including lapel pins, emblems, coins, keyrings, etc. 

8. Kole Imports  

Kole Imports is one of the biggest wholesalers in the U.S.A, and operates as an importer and distributor of general products and special closeout offers. 

Kole Imports offers tens of thousands of items in various categories, including housewares, electronics, pet supplies, clothes and toys. Kole Imports also carries a large selection of branded items from companies like Sterling Tools, Garden Depot and Krafters Korner. 

9. ReGo Trading 

ReGo Trading has become one of the most reputable food and grocery wholesalers in the United States, thanks to its 20 years of service in the industry.  

10. Sunsky 

Sunsky is a prominent electronic products distributor specializing in cell phone, game and computer accessories, and home and outdoor devices. 

11. USA Wholesale 

USA Wholesale is a leading online beauty wholesaler and distributor, offering a diverse selection of high-quality makeup, cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products from well-known brands such as Garnier, Olay, L’Oréal and Maybelline. 

12. WholesaleMart 

WholesaleMart, based in Washington, is a well-known importer, wholesaler and distributor of American-made products. The wholesale items are a diverse selection of unusual gifts, housewares and general merchandise. 

Find High-Quality Wholesale Vendors With TradeBeyond 

Business owners know that product sourcing and working with reliable wholesale vendors is crucial. You don’t have the time or resources to waste on unreliable suppliers. 

TradeBeyond is an online marketplace and digital showroom that connects businesses toreliable, affordable, high-quality wholesalers, and since you can search by country, finding vendors in the United States is a snap. TradeBeyond consolidates sourcing into one simple platform, saving travel, eliminating confusion, and speeding up the sourcing timeline by as much as 42%. 

Contact us today and gain access to thousands of verified manufacturers and distributors for your business needs. 

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