Computer screen showing global supplier

Computer screen showing global supplier
Procurement is a key part of doing business, and there will always be concerns regarding both cost and quality. After all, no business wants to overpay for mediocre materials, while top-quality items aren’t always worth the high price point that they typically demand. Strategic sourcing tackles procurement head-on, so it takes a primary role in meeting your company’s needs and enhancing the value of your business.

Reactive vs. Proactive

Traditional sourcing has always been reactive. You wait for the need to come up or inquiries to be made and then you assess and respond accordingly. Even a tactical approach, which attempts to anticipate needs, still reacts to those demands as they arise. It’s not simply a matter of being outdated. A reactive approach is almost always a sub-optimal method.

Strategic sourcing is proactive. Following best practices, strategic sourcing is well-planned and engages in ongoing actions designed to keep your company ahead of the curve. By actively managing your supply chain, you can leverage your partnerships and collaborations in order to satisfy your needs and stay on task. With the assistance of internal stakeholders, you’ll analyze spending, identify critical processes, and be able to manage any supplier-related risks. Knowing and quantifying those risks and challenges beforehand allows you to have a strategy in mind, often before it’s even needed.

Learn the Process

As you’d expect, research and analysis are your first steps. Next, you have to develop a methodology for your strategic sourcing and establish a vendor-selection process. Your request for quotation (RFQ) process is also key. It should be well-planned and thorough, since you want to optimize your efficiency and avoid any wasted effort.

Sustaining improvements is crucial. It’s really where you start to see the long-term benefits of strategic sourcing. Along the way, you’ll be developing a toolbox that will aid you with enhancing your methods and give you fantastic shortcuts that can save you time and prevent known issues. Putting together your strategic-sourcing team is one of the most important steps. They’ll be in charge of the day-to-day work and be essential for establishing and meeting your goals.

With sourcing-software suppliers, you can mitigate or avoid risks and get more out of your procurement processes, while improving your sustainability and increasing your profits. Being proactive has its rewards, even if it seems a bit daunting at first.

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