How TradeBeyond Eliminates Data Silos

By now supply chain leaders are well aware of the benefits of digital transformation. The cost and time savings are enormous: Automating supply chain management and planning can lead to a nearly 50% reduction in process costs and revenue increases of 20%, according to an MIT study.

But for many brands and retailers, digitalization is easier said than done. That’s because supply chain management systems are, much like the supply chain itself, complicated. Because supply chains have so many moving parts and so many stakeholders, businesses find themselves relying on complicated and inefficient networks of sometimes incompatible software, with separate systems covering everything from enterprise resource planning, inspection, inventory management and third party logistics.

We’ve heard some retailers describe their cobbled-together patchwork of software as Frankenstein creations. Although they’re built from powerful pieces, they don’t work together effectively or intelligently. In many companies, it’s not uncommon for the same information to be rekeyed two or three times by different departments – sometimes even many more – and even then it’s often not available to everybody who needs it.

Businesses need supply chain management solutions that cover product design, costing, compliance and logistics with the depth and nuance that all those departments require. But just as importantly, they need a platform that brings together all those disparate operations and systems.

TradeBeyond brings order to supply chain management by connecting all the best supply chain solutions in one frictionless platform, uniting all of a business’s systems under one central login. Our multi-enterprise platform eliminates redundancies and allows brands and retailers to connect dots and draw intelligent insights from the ever-growing mountains of data they collect, create and manage.

By creating visibility and extending data to all stakeholders throughout the entire organization, TradeBeyond eliminates data silos and automates the private-label product development process, making it possible for sourcing, quality and logistics teams to manage by exception.

With TradeBeyond, merchandisers and compliance teams no longer need to manually crosscheck each order. The system automatically alerts them to which orders are at risk for potential problems. TradeBeyond also centralizes communications across businesses so that departments can better collaborate. Product histories are automatically archived, and easily accessible whenever they’re needed.

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And since TradeBeyond is constantly adding new connections, the platform grows more powerful by the month. Last year TradeBeyond became the first supply chain management software company to offer an interface with amfori BSCI, the leading global business association for sustainable trade. TradeBeyond’s system automatically cross-checks all orders and shipments against amfori’s database and notifies businesses of potential compliance issues.

TradeBeyond also connects with sustainability databases like WRAP and Higg and testing, inspection and certification services including Bureau Veritas, QIMA, SGS, and TUV. Each of these connections streamlines the workflow for quality and compliance teams, helping brands and retailers reduce time to market while ensuring they’re living up to their ESG goals.

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TradeBeyond has its own powerful product lifecycle management (PLM) platform, which marketing-leading retailers around the globe rely on to develop everything from home goods, apparel, consumables and specialty merchandise. Our product design suite integrates seamlessly with systems designers use, including Adobe Illustrator, Browzwear and CLO.

Our multi-enterprise platform is even compatible with outside PLMs. TradeBeyond’s Design Connector for FlexPLM, for instance, makes it easy for PTC FlexPLM users to take advantage of TradeBeyond’s extended supply chain capabilities, automatically synchronizing product design, specification and library data and making it available to buying, merchandising, quality and other team members, saving them from having to rekey data.

Brands and retailers increasingly understand that digital transformation is no longer a luxury they can go without. It’s essential for controlling costs, managing vast networks of partners, and navigating the risks inherent in a global supply chain that has only continued to grow more complex. But when digitalizing their operations, businesses need to ensure they’re using a platform that seamlessly extends their data end-to-end. The days of Frankenstein software systems are over. It’s time for a system as nimble as a ballet dancer.

Working with retailers, brands and importers headquartered in North America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China for over 20 years in 50 countries,  TradeBeyond empowers buyers and suppliers by streamlining their daily efforts from product ideation to production, and beyond.

To learn more about how TradeBeyond can unify your supply chain operations, contact us today. 


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