Two People in a Business Meeting

Two People in a Business Meeting

Supply chain management and e-manufacturing go hand-in-hand. This isn’t surprising when you take into consideration the many parallels. In e-manufacturing, businesses leaders and analysts strive to leverage information technology in order to enhance efficiency and productivity. This relies on both data access and automation where and as appropriate. The approach to total sourcing management isn’t entirely different.

When it comes to supply chain management, improving efficiency is also the primary goal. This depends upon careful coordination among various channel partners. Fortunately, real-time information sharing and information technology have made it easier to coordinate. Many of the old barriers have been removed thanks to advances in data access. The result is improved decisions making along the entire supply chain. It’s no wonder that sourcing management has gone from being a novel concept or buzzword to a driving force and integral component of global enterprises across virtually every major industry.


It can be overstated how essential the development of modern infrastructure has been for both e-manufacturing and supply chain management. Broadband internet, more stable electrical grids, high-speed rails, cheaper and more reliable shipping, and a whole host of other infrastructure advancements and improvements have made information technology, data sharing, and automation not only possible but vastly enhanced and more dependable than previous iterations. The modern business world and the global economy were impossibilities merely a few years ago. Today’s infrastructure is largely to thank.


With increased reliance on electronics, mobile devices, and the internet comes an understandable emphasis on data security. It seems like almost every day there’s a news story that further drives home the point that anything connected to the internet can be compromised.

Consumers and companies are more aware than ever before of how vulnerable everyone and everything is online. This obviously places a massive pressure on companies and software developers to have a security-focused mindset and approach everything they do as securely as possible. A single data breach can seriously do harm to a company’s reputation and damage their future prospects for years to come. This isn’t mentioning the regulations that have been established to ensure data security and meet compliance demands.


Perhaps strategy is where supply chain management and e-manufacturing align most accurately. Once upon a time, e-manufacturers, software developers, and other tech-based enterprises faced a lot of scrutiny and disbelief. Today, things have changed. Both consumers and businesses have become much more accepted, but strategies and methodologies continue to evolve and take advantage of the latest resources and innovations.

With data science and machine learning, processing and analyzing large data sets has become much easier. Cluster recognition is now a household term, and smart-assistants have become a must-have accessory. Streamlining processes, recognizing cost reductions, and improving customer relations have become endeavors that can be accomplished from a laptop. Improved efficiency and leveraging of data aren’t just good for business. They’re good for customers as well.

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The development of your own in-house infrastructure and coordination of partnered channels requires a serious investment of both time and money. This isn’t even mentioning the personnel who would need to be dedicated to the initial development and ongoing workload. It’s important to take into consideration the potential for a return-on-investment and how e-manufacturing and supply chain management will play into your business growth.

There was a time when total sourcing was more of a concept than a reality. Times have changed. Contact the professional team at CBX Software if you’d like to learn how the latest software can help take your business to the next level.

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