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Deliver your store brand products safely, efficiently, and effectively to market anywhere in the world

Are you having a hard time keeping track of completed, passed, failed or expired, inspections and tests?

Vendor Integrity & Compliance Factory Integrity & Compliance Product Integrity & Compliance




CBX Quality & Compliance Portal will streamline communication for vendor, factory, product quality, safety and compliance






  • Quality & Compliance updates in REAL-TIME
  • Notification of Expired Documents
  • Manage Compliance templates by Department
  • Shipment Notification & Compliance Tracking

Just a sample of what our clients are managing…

  • Master Supplier Agreement
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Business Documentation


  • General Manufacturing Process (GMP)
  • Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Global Security Verification


  • Pre-Production Review
  • Label Review
  • Sample Approval
  • Verification Testing

Cloud-based Quality & Compliance

The supply chain is a key to differentiation. Speed, Scale, Simplicity and Quality are critical to keeping it running as efficiently as possible. However, from a retailers perspective, sourcing-to-shelf is fraught with safety, quality and compliance hazards – one mistake could not only incur hefty fines but could irrevocably damage the reputation of any retailer or brand.

Staying on top of the latest corporate and regulatory requirements demands effective collaboration between retailers, vendors and 3rd party auditing, compliance and testing organizations. Complexities of global retail sourcing stretches far and wide, with failure resulting in bankruptcies and store closures.

Balancing these factors requires a trade management platform to enhance stronger communication and collaboration. Further, the quality and compliance portal efficiently manages your core processes around product quality safety and compliance.


Key Benefits

Improve the Accuracy of Results
Best practices process standardization and collaboration for product quality, safety and compliance activities improving the scope, accuracy and integrity of vendor, factory and product inspections/tests.

Gain visibility at every stage of the end-to-end production
process by digitizing quality related results documented throughout the entire process.

Control Costs
Lower costs of assurance and compliance programs through improved quality & compliance automation.

Real-Time Updates and Communication
Realized and up-to-date messaging, insights and results – accessible from anywhere, 24/7.

Manage Risk
Quality control and accountability into your trade management process. Quickly validate vendors, factories and products quality, safety, and compliance.

Interfaced with global Auditing, Inspection and Testing Organizations
Streamline and automate compliance with seamless integration—Instant updates at your fingertips without even opening an email.

CBX Quality and Compliance Portal for global trade management is a leading platform for retailers and brands to automate and manage the complexities of todays global retail sourcing supply chain. The CBX Quality and Compliance portal is configured to fit each organizations requirements across the supply chain and offers out-of-the-box intuitive, easy to use templates.


Learn how you can streamline vendor,factory & product compliance management 

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