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Contributed by Genevieve Scarano, Sourcing Journal

CBX Software is bringing its sourcing management capabilities to smartphones.

The global sourcing company launched CBX Mobile Audit, a new mobile app that will speed-up factory audits and boost data integrity.

CBX Mobile Audit has similar capabilities to CBX Mobile Inspector, a pre-shipment inspections app launched last year. Supply chain executives and sourcing affiliates praised the app, which enabled product inspectors to conduct more seamless evaluations. After receiving positive feedback, CBX created Mobile Audit for retailers to easily capture audit information and automate audit workflow.

Configurable templates on Mobile Audit can handle many audit requirements. Audit criteria is also customizable for ethical and social compliance, environmental and sustainability compliance, production capability and capacity and regulatory compliance.

Auditors have a seamless inspection process on Mobile Audit. Instead of paper records, auditors keep track of all findings, corrective actions and results on a smartphone. On the app, auditors can take photos of factory environments, add annotations and complete information and predefined templates. Voice memos and videos can also be recorded and saved into audit reports. Once audits are completed, auditors and factory managers electronically sign the audit report on a tablet. For further report integrity, the electronic signatures are stamped with GPS geolocation, date and time.

After the auditing process, audit data is automatically uploaded to the CBX Cloud. The app also improves audit data by eliminating manual rekeying and other errors that remain in traditional spreadsheets. Once the audit data is processed and uploaded, sourcing and supply chain managers receive notifications about needed improvements.


“CBX Mobile Audit will be a must-have tool for factory and social compliance auditors,” CBX Software CEO Michael Hung said. “This mobile app will not only save auditors’ time but also significantly increases managements’ confidence of the audit data and results.”


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