SCMS (Supply Chain Management Software) are software tools used for controlling supply chain business processes, including executing transactions, performing demand planning, forecasting, and supply chain management software etc. Although functionality in different software varies, they all aim to streamline your sourcing process and help you bring more products to market faster.

SCMS Acts as the Central Hub

The collaborative online platform links all the departments internally/externally that are involved in your process and gives them a place where they can assess the latest information as well as communicate with key stakeholders. It serves as an information repository so that nothing important is missed and can always be retrieved for reference later.

SCMS Improves Communication across Departments
The software is designed to bridge the gaps between your departments and improve the transparency of communication. With access to internal and external stakeholders in one place, you are able to switch between chats with key personnel without going all over the place. Its real-time updates provide you information regarding cash flow, inventory, and fulfillment to make your conversations more focused and goal oriented.

SCMS Makes Planning Easier
The software helps you forecast customer demand to adjust production speed and scheduling activities. With historical data for reference, simulations and estimates can be run to predict the market and how your organization should respond accordingly. With increased visibility, you can review your budget, reduce labor hours as needed, and scale your operation based on what you see.

SCMS Improves Efficiency of the Process
By eliminating extra steps and unnecessary rework, it reduces waste generated and saves costs for your business. With periodic analysis of your assets, it gives you the opportunity to review and improve upon your current process to further increase efficiency.

SCMS Provides Insights into Your Business
The Business Intelligence (BI) built into the software will monitor your operations and turn data into meaningful trends and analysis that you can act on.

Many of the largest retailers in the world have already adopted this kind of intelligent solution to scale private label, help their business grow profit. Contact CBX Software today and learn more about how you can integrate this software into your current business operation.

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