E-Commerce shopping user finger tips on mobile

E-Commerce shopping user finger tips on mobile

You have all the tools you need to sell your product. Sourcing software can help streamline the process of getting your products from idea board to factory and from factory to warehouse to consumer. First, you have to know how you’re going to get those products.

DIY Products

Making something has its own rewards. It shows your determination, industriousness, and ability. However, DIY products are time consuming, and you’ll need to find a way to keep the product line fresh. Scalability becomes an issue as well for some handmade products. How many toy cars can one person carve?

Manufacturing and Wholesale

Someone else can make the product for you! This takes some of your control away but can greatly increase your volume of products, and due to economies of scale, it could ultimately reduce costs. This is also a great option if you can’t actually make the product yourself. Bring in a manufacturer or wholesaler to be your partner.

Dropshipping Warehouser

You want to sell something, but you have no idea what? A dropshipper may be the right call for you. You provide the webspace and sales pitch, the dropshipper ships out the item from their warehouse when its ordered. You make money; the dropshipper makes money. Everyone’s happy. Because you’re selecting from a list of products, you won’t have the flexibility to add your own style or flare to the product. You do get the benefit of knowing that the products have already been vetted.

Why Choose?

You don’t have to choose among the 3 options, you can mix and match as best suits your needs. You might even have another idea about how to get a product to market that doesn’t fit any of these 3. If that’s the case, use it, too! Profitability comes from managing data and delivering what the customer wants in a way that exceeds expectations. The right sourcing software through CBX Software can help you manage getting your products through the idea chain and onto the retail floor faster.

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