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retail store brand product sourcingAccording to retail supply chain sourcing experts, your supply chain should be fluctuating to meet market demand. Now more than ever, products are becoming increasingly convenient for consumers and strategic sourcing can put you at the head of the pack or you can fall behind your competitors in no time at all. These same experts are saying that every business should be using sourcing network software to keep up. Here are some of the reasons why.

Puts You Ahead of the Curve

You might argue that you’re using sourcing software in your business because you’re using email, spreadsheets or other word processing software. While these are valuable electronic tools, they’re not well suited for global retail sourcing. You can put yourself ahead of the curve by using software specifically for the purpose of product development combined with sourcing automation. This allows you to collect and put together information, protect confidential company data, and incorporate essential processes within your business that boost productivity and streamline supply chain actions.

Reduce or Eliminate User Error

There are still many companies that are doing their sourcing manually, through email and spreadsheets. Not only is it impossible to have real-time information at your fingertips, but it’s simply too burdensome and heavy a task for employees to track progress throughout the entire supply chain. It’s best to streamline these processes and make it possible for product development, sourcing, quality and supplier compliance teams to take part in and collaborate.

More Affordable Than You Think

Naturally, any software you onboard at your company needs to fit within a budget. As demand for sourcing software has grown, so too has the supply. This means that now more than ever, sourcing software may be much more affordable than you think. Newer up and coming cloud companies are designing and creating sourcing software that is both sophisticated and budget-friendly.

Using sourcing network software is perhaps the best way to be strategic within your supply chain. Anything else might just be a guessing game. Retail competition is fierce some retailers are likely already using global sourcing software to manage their supply chains, others that are not should at least give themselves the same advantage.


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