Kmart Rewards

CBX Software, a leading provider of product lifecycle management, global sourcing and extended supply chain automation solutions for the retail industry, is proud to have played a role in Kmart Australia’s recent win of the 2013 Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia ASCLA Award for Excellence in Storage and Handling of Materials.

Kmart Australia receives 2013 ASCLA Award for Supply Chain Implementation Commenting on CBX’s role in Kmart’s initiative, Michael Fagan, Head of Operations for Kmart noted, “CBX was selected to centralize Kmart Australia’s sourcing and merchandising-related IT information. The goal was to unify buyers, merchants and other departments via a single system, through which information is freely shared among offices, users and time zones, and the entire process is automated.”

Kmart Australia has transformed itself over the past 5 years from near bankruptcy into one of Australia’s most successful and profitable retailers. A big part of their turnaround strategy was to revamp their sourcing operations, increase private label assortment and streamline their supply chain.

“In unifying and automating the company’s sourcing function, Kmart experienced a huge increase in transparency. For the first time, it could see when work was actually being performed, and determine the true cause of any shipping delays, said Fagan.”

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