Improving Customer Journey Online

Improving Customer Journey Online

E-commerce is blooming in Covid-19 as a result of lockdown and travel restrictions. Not only does the pandemic change customer buying habits and patterns temporarily, the shift may be semi-permanent and persist after the pandemic is over. According to a survey by...
Retail Sourcing App Enables Fast Supply Chain

Retail Sourcing App Enables Fast Supply Chain

Written By: PJ Jakovljevic Published: August 12, 2020 The retail industry has faced significant challenges brought on by trade wars and of course by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, necessitating prompt and innovative new product development during turbulent times with a...
Retail Sourcing Report Q3 2020

Retail Sourcing Report Q3 2020

The Retail Sourcing Report provides research and analysis aimed at informing global sourcing and buying decisions for retailers, brands and other sourcing and supply chain professionals. Each issue includes a snapshot of key information and trends impacting global...
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